I’m not sad (about a Boston Terrier’s face)

A short kid’s poem about Jackson, NIH’s Boston Terrier (9 months)

I’m not sad
I’m actually ok!
This is my usual face
With my cheeks hanging
All the way…

I’m a curious puppy
Born to play
I can jump all day
But can also stay
And rub like a cat
My back against your legs!

I’m not sad
It’s just my face!
If you look behind me
I’m wagging my tail!

When I play too much
It’s hard to breath
So my human times
My running sprees.

But then, only then
You will see
My teeth, my tongue
My opened mouth
And the smiley me.

I’m not sad
It’s just my face
I’m a happy puppy
Born to play.

By Enid (2019), about our Boston Terrier

About Enid

Escribo sobre dos mesas de trabajo: historias de mi sobrino con autismo, y reflexiones sobre lo que es ser cristiano. No soy experta, pero comparto lo que a NIH le hace feliz, y lo que a mí me apasiona sobre mi Señor.
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