TEA: Happy Birthday, Plush Toy!

Hello, again! Welcome!

As you may know, we like to talk about what makes NIH happy. Well, celebrating the birthday of NIH’s favorite plush toy makes him super happy.

NIH only invited to the party some other plush toys and his two therapists via Zoom. We agreed to it. And, it lasted like 10 minutes in total. Totally worth it, though.

Oso Ted was a gift from my younger brother, eight years ago. Back then, NIH was shorter than Ted and was still wearing diapers; now, NIH is taller than the bear and loves him as a one does a best friend, though he clearly understands it’s a toy.

We sang, played, ate and had fun. It was a good way to practice accepted social conducts. And a very safe birthday, considering the pandemic.

If you decide to do this too, or if you’ve done it before, let us know. NIH and I would love to hear your story or see pictures! Have a nice day!

Oso Ted is the biggest bear here. It’s his 8th birthday, and he is surrounded by his best friends.

About Enid

Escribo sobre dos mesas de trabajo: historias de mi sobrino con autismo, y reflexiones sobre lo que es ser cristiano. No soy experta, pero comparto lo que a NIH le hace feliz, y lo que a mí me apasiona sobre mi Señor.
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