TEA: NIH, Jackson and a cat

NIH and his Boston Terrier, Jackson, looking at a cat on the street. Petting his dog makes him happy. It’s a safe and comforting sensorial experience.

Some of our neighbors have cats. One was outside, resting, and Jackson spotted it.

NIH wondered what was Jackson looking at. And without hesitation, began to pet his dog while they both looked at the feline. Petting his dog makes him happy.

NIH takes advantage of any opportunity he has to pet his dog and say nice things about him. But, when he’s done, it’s “me time” again for him, and we have to take Jackson away. Still they love each other very much.

Getting a dog for our boy with autism (TEA) not only has made him smile more often, it also has forced him to become more sensitive, emphatic and responsible. It’s been a great challenge too; a dog is a sensible creature that requires patience, care, company and love. NIH needs our help to understand that. He will keep improving, with God’s help.

Until next time! Thank you for your visit.

About Enid

Escribo sobre dos mesas de trabajo: historias de mi sobrino con autismo, y reflexiones sobre lo que es ser cristiano. No soy experta, pero comparto lo que a NIH le hace feliz, y lo que a mí me apasiona sobre mi Señor.
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